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The Association of Geomatic Engineering Students, commonly known as AGES, is the standing student body of the Department of Geomatic Engineering. It comprises all geomatic engineering students, represented by a set of executives and overseen by two patrons.

Aims and Functions

The aims of AGES are as follows:

To foster unity and promote welfare among lecturers and students of the association;
To promote interest and facilitate academic progress in the study of the course
To protect the interest of the students, especially as regards lecturers, examination timetables, students etc.
To protect and enhance the image of Geomatic Engineering students in KNUST and elsewhere

As part of the functions of the body, AGES shall:

Organize meetings to discuss relevant matters concerning the association;
Organize symposia, quizzes, debate, lectures, educational trips etc;
Organize various activities during the department weeks
Disseminate information through mass media
Collaborate and undertake joint ventures with other similar bodies on matters of mutual interest