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Emmanuel Offei Akrofi

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Emmanuel Offei Akrofi

Educational History

 a)      Academic Degrees earned with dates

PhD (Land Tenure and Cadastral Systems) University of Cape Town, South Africa

Areas of Expertise  

Land Tenure and Cadastral systems


[1]  Akrofi, E. O. & Whittal, J. (2013). Compulsory acquisition and urban land delievery in customary areas, South African Journal of Geomatics, Vol. 2 No 4. pp. 280 - 295

[2] Akrofi, E. O. (2008). Adjudication of rights and boundaries for effective land titling, Journal of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors Vol. 1, No. 2, 2008: pp. 17-21

[3] Akrofi, E. O. (2013). Assessing customary land administration systems for peri-urban land in Ghana, Cape Town, University of Cape Town, PhD. Dissertation: 287 (SD 29 )

[4] Akrofi, E. O. (2000). Upgrading of tenure for the peri-urban poor in Africa, Durban, University of Natal, MSc Thesis: 167