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Akwasi Afrifa Acheampong

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Akwasi Afrifa Acheampong

Educational History

 a)      Academic Degrees earned with dates

  • MPhil. BSc KNUST, Kumasi

 Research Interests

Satellite Surveying

GNSS Meteorology

CAD and Survey Adjustments & Computations

GNSS Applications and Geo-data acquisition and management.

Areas of Expertise  

Expert in Precise Positioning

Geodesy and Hydrography

Land Surveying and Management

Cadastral and Acquisition Surveys

Engineering and Deformation Surveys

Civil and Road Surveys

 Achievements and Awards

1. Engineering Surveys for Kumasi Airport Rehabilitation [2015]

2. Upgrade of N1 Highway from Apenkwa to Mallam Junction [2012]

3. Topographic Map for Proposed KNUST Teaching Hospital [2008]

4. Corridor Definition and Engineering Surveys for Proposed Lake Bosumtwi Ring Road [2008]

5. Corridor Definition and Acquisition Surveys for Proposed Kumasi Ring Road Project [2005]


[1]  Working on using GNSS Meteorological Techniques for Water Vapor Estimation for Use in Numerical Weather Prediction at KNUST/Univ of Copenhagen.

[2] GNSS Base station setup and correction Transmission.

[3] Survey Adjustments, Programming and CAD/GIS